Moving House and Thinking of Home Improvements? Consider This First!

Moving into your dream home and thinking of home improvements

Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect property that’s just bursting with unrealised potential. With a little creative vision and a whole lot of elbow grease, it could become the home of your dreams. Of course, you can count on GreenLife Contractors to help you every step of the way in designing and implementing the renovations you need when moving house. 

But as eager as you (and we) may be to pick up our tools and get to work, there’s something you need to consider first…

You could be losing money from the day you move in

As our good friends at Switch-Plan will tell you, when moving house, you could be losing money on your energy from the day you move in. No, we’re not talking about the money you could be losing as a result of draughts, poor insulation or inefficient windows. Although these are also important to consider. We’re talking about the money you could waste on a needlessly expensive energy contract. 

You see, as soon as you move into your new home, you’re placed on what’s called a “deemed contract” with whatever supplier the previous occupant chose to supply the property with energy. This usually puts you on a standard variable-rate tariff. And these are often the most expensive tariffs a supplier offers. Which means the energy you use during your renovation and life in your new home could be significantly more expensive.

The right energy supplier can save you hundreds of pounds per year

Your renovation is likely run on a careful-planned budget. You want to know where every penny you spend is going. And if something could save you hundreds of pounds, you’d certainly consider it worth pursuing, right? Believe it or not, UK energy consumers are spending over £800 million more than they should be on the energy they use. The Money Advice Service estimates that you could save around £300 every single year by switching suppliers regularly.

You could save money and save the planet at the same time!

Getting in touch with the Switch-Plan team when moving house can save you money. But did you also know that it can make living in your new home greener? They can search through 100% renewable tariffs from some of the nation’s most trusted green energy suppliers. So you can save money while also saving the planet in your new home.

It’s quick and easy to switch suppliers. So why wait?

The longer you wait after moving house, the more money you could potentially waste on a needlessly expensive deemed contract. Why wait, when you can start saving from the day you move in? Contact Switch-Plan as soon as you move in, and open the door to years of savings on your energy bills.