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An award winning Design and Build Contractor, St John’s Wood Property Owners Trust and Recommend

We have an in-house team of project managers, designers, architects and trades, providing a one-stop full property renovation service. If you’ve already started a project, we can complete it for you, if not we can do the whole thing.

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If you’re seeking a reputable Design and Build Contractor in St John’s Wood, look no further than Greenlife Contractors. With a solid reputation among St John’s Wood residents, we’re trusted and recommended by the local community. Our comprehensive services cover all your home improvement needs, including full property refurbishment, loft conversions, kitchen extensions, basement conversions, bathroom remodeling, and interior design.

At Greenlife Contractors, we prioritize customer service and quality workmanship. Our team of experienced builders, with a combined 25 years of expertise, is committed to delivering top-notch results. We handle every aspect of your project in-house, ensuring full control and attention to detail from start to finish.

As your preferred Design and Build Contractor in St John’s Wood, we offer a Design & Build service, guaranteeing a seamless and integrated approach to your project. Whether you’re planning a house refurbishment or seeking advice on a building project, our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

We are the Most Trusted Building Contractor for all your Building and Property Refurbishment Needs in St John’s Wood

Getting started with your home renovation project is easy with Greenlife Contractors. Simply schedule an initial site-visit consultation, where we’ll discuss your goals and provide a detailed, no-obligation quotation covering all aspects of the project, including construction, project management, materials, and finishes.

Our professional approach ensures that the building process runs smoothly, exceeding your expectations. We handle everything from design and planning permission to party wall notices and building works. Plus, we guarantee the quality of our work upon completion.

Over the years, we’ve successfully completed projects for satisfied customers across South West London and North London, including Clapham Junction, Battersea, Parsons Green, Croydon, Kingston, Sutton, Lambeth, Merton, Richmond, and Wandsworth.

Greenlife Contractors is accredited by the Federation of Master Builders, further demonstrating our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

For a free consultation and no-obligation quote, contact us at 0207 736 2006 or email us at Let Greenlife Contractors be your trusted partner for all your building and property refurbishment needs in St John’s Wood.

As a leading Design and Build Contractor, we specialise in seamlessly blending traditional and modern elements, harmonising cutting-edge technologies and finishes with innovative space planning solutions.


As a premier Design and Build Contractor, we understand that your bedroom is your sanctuary, a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. Our expert renovation team ensures that every aspect of your bedroom is meticulously crafted to perfection and customised to your precise specifications. From comprehensive remodeling to flawless paintwork, carefully selected furniture, and strategically placed lighting, we create the perfect ambiance for every moment of the day.


As a leading Design and Build Contractor, we recognize that the kitchen is the heart of every home, a place where families gather to socialise and entertain. We are dedicated to crafting exquisitely designed kitchen spaces adorned with sleek finishes that seamlessly blend with the interior of your home. Our passion lies in enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your kitchen, ensuring effortless access to all your appliances while facilitating seamless culinary experiences for you and your loved ones.


The understanding that bathrooms serve a crucial functional role in every home is acknowledged. As a Design and Build Contractor, it is also recognised that they present an opportunity for unique design and aesthetics. At Greenlife Contractors, expertise in crafting bespoke bathrooms tailored to preferences and needs is possessed, with meticulous attention to detail being paid.

The evolving trends in bathroom design, including the integration of modern elements alongside traditional styles, are recognized. Whether an ensuite bathroom, a contemporary wet room, or simply a desire to refresh the space with more room and modern touches is envisioned, the expertise to bring the vision to life is possessed.

We are a multi-disciplinary dynamic team:

• Architectural designers

• Interior design consultants

• Builders, Surveyors

• Structural Engineers

• Project Managers

Your project Concept to Completion

• Architectural Drawings

• Planning applications

• Building Control

• Project cost estimation

• Detailed architectural CAD / 3D designs

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    All aspects of the project, from design and planning permission to party wall notices and building works,

    are meticulously coordinated by the build and design contractor.

    Ensuring the acquisition of all necessary certificates is prioritised and upon completion, a guarantee for the work is provided to you.

    Why Choose Us?

    Greenlife Contractors takes you through each step of the process with meticulous care and attention to detail as the leading design and build contractor in St John’s Wood.

    Step 1. Planning & Design

    During the initial consultation, we offer a complimentary site visit either at your home or at our office in Parsons Green (Studio 1, South Park Studios, 88 Peterborough Road, SW6 3HH). This meeting allows us to grasp your goals and ideas, listening attentively to your requirements to envision the space you desire. Our surveyor then evaluates your property, discussing your needs and the practical aspects of the project. Within days, we furnish you with a detailed proposal including an estimated budget.

    Next, as your ideas take shape, architectural designs and schematics provide a clear visualisation of your property’s future look. Once you approve the plans and budget, we proceed to obtain the necessary permissions.

    These documents are pivotal. Understanding the significance of your home, we strive to minimise construction disruptions. Our team supports you at every turn. Our schedule of works provides a comprehensive breakdown of key features and associated costs, coupled with an accurate timetable to help you monitor progress effectively. Furthermore, we estimate valuation amounts and provide predictions for their due dates.

    Moving forward, our team, comprising project managers, builders, and designers, oversees the planning and structural design phase. Detailed structural designs and calculations are formulated to create a practical blueprint for your new living space. Once approved, construction commences under our guidance.

    Navigating through the complexities of each project, our schedule of works delineates costs and timelines for key features and phases. Effective communication is paramount for successful project management. As a cohesive and efficient team, we ensure you are well-informed and content with our progress. This proactive communication strategy minimizes problems and delays, ensuring adherence to budget and schedule.

    We accompany you through every stage of your project, from inception to fruition,
    granting you the flexibility to engage as actively or passively as you prefer.

    Step 2. Construction

    On site management

    At Greenlife Contractors, our design and build contractor team boasts specialised skills and over 25 years of experience, setting us apart from general builders. This expertise enables us to handle all aspects of your project, from above-ground tasks like kitchen extensions and side returns to comprehensive whole house refurbishments. However, if you already have a team in place, we are more than willing to focus solely on specialist groundworks upon your request.

    Specialist Groundworks

    Our comprehensive services encompass all necessary ground preparation tasks, including excavation, spoil removal, reinforced concrete and steel works, as well as temporary and permanent propping works. We prioritise critical tasks such as waterproofing and drainage to ensure the success and durability of your project.

    Step 3. Fit-out


    Greenlife Contractors specialises in adding the final touches that transform a house into your personalised haven. Our expertise lies in crafting interior designs that reflect your unique personality and preferences. Whether you envision a tiled wet room with underfloor heating or the timeless elegance of fine wood, we bring your ideas to life. From lighting that sets the mood to bespoke furniture tailored to your specifications, every element is meticulously curated to enhance your living space.

    Uniquely yours

    Benefit from our wealth of experience in delivering top-notch fit-out services that elevate your home’s style and functionality, setting it apart from the rest.


    We understand that a great room begins from the ground up. Whether you prefer the warmth of underfloor heating in a tiled wet room or the luxury of premium wood, our flooring solutions cater to your preferences.


    Lighting plays a pivotal role in room design, influencing mood and ambiance. Our expertly designed lighting solutions not only reflect your personal style but also accentuate the key features of your living space.


    We offer custom-designed furniture that perfectly complements your room design, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic throughout your home.

    Experience unparalleled quality and craftsmanship in every aspect of your fit-out, making your home a true reflection of your individuality and taste.

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    A leading design and build contractor in St John’s Wood

    Greenlife Contractors –  St John’s Wood Building Contractors, stands out as your premier choice when seeking trusted builders in St John’s Wood for your dream home construction. With our seasoned team boasting comprehensive expertise in the building trade, we guarantee exceptional results. As a well-established family-run building firm in St John’s Wood, London, we excel in all aspects of building works, renovations, and refurbishments, from new build houses to extensions and alterations. Our services encompass house maintenance, new garages, walls, roofing, and both external and interior remodeling, including kitchen and bathroom fitting, as well as bedroom installations.

    Our extensive knowledge of the residential property building trade, accumulated over decades of work and experience, underscores the quality of workmanship we deliver. Greenlife Contractors is synonymous with reliability and trustworthiness, earning the recommendation of countless homeowners in the St John’s Wood area.

    We pride ourselves on offering top-quality building works at sensible, affordable prices.

    Clients in St John’s Wood trust us for our exceptional services, with over 100 satisfied homeowners across St John’s Wood and London. With our commitment to excellence, we deliver quality home improvement, refurbishment, and renovation projects that exceed expectations.

    Choose Greenlife Contractors as your trusted St John’s Wood builder, and benefit from our unmatched workmanship and vast experience in the field.

    Health and Safety information sheet on Greenlife Contractors

    Health and Safety at every stage

    At every site we operate, Health & Safety remains paramount. It is a concern not only for our staff but also for everyone in the vicinity, including yourself, your neighbors, and passers-by. Given the nature of our work, there is inherent risk of injury or even fatality, as ladders, tools, and materials can pose hazards. Therefore, our staff undergo rigorous training and consistently adhere to all necessary Health & Safety protocols and regulations

    Federation of Master Builders Insurance provider on Greenlife Contractors

    Insurance and Guarantees

    Greenlife Contractors has earned an exceptional reputation in London for its completion of numerous basement conversion projects. Renowned as specialists in conversions, we are committed to crafting state-of-the-art spaces with meticulous attention to detail.

    Public Liability: £5,000,000
    Employer’s Liability: £10,000,000
    Contractors, All Risks: £6,000,000 Contract Limit / Subject to Survey