How to Add Personality to Your Kitchen Interiors

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A great kitchen design is when you draw a fine line between function and style. Not to forget, it also needs to hold a multi-tasking element that can be quickly switched from a brief and hurried breakfast scene to a calm and elegant space for family or friend gatherings!

The kitchen not only holds a useful space for cooking meals but also is a friendly place to socialise and work. So, making sure your kitchen design hits the correct spot is necessary.

6 Unique Kitchen Design Ideas to Enhance Your Space:

A practical and functional kitchen design doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. Here’s how you can mix your personality and personal style with your kitchen design yet make it practical and not miss out on the functional aspect of your space:

1. Incorporate Open Display Shelves

Kitchen cabinets with an open display or glass front are optimal for individuals who love making their kitchen feel prime and exquisite. It’s a great preference if you love showcasing your fine collection of sculptures or glassware. They even enhance the overall look of your kitchen space by breaking the cluttered look that a standard cabinet or kitchen island with cabinets brings.

2. Mix Your Countertops

Your kitchen countertop is the most essential part of the kitchen and needs to be treated like one! You can grab everyone’s attention by creating visual interest and highlighting the space by mixing colours or materials on the countertop. For example, you can add marble stone to the kitchen island while adding a touch of vintage wood to the dining space. This enhances the personality of your kitchen and even allows you to incorporate a personality within the kitchen area.

3. Add Colour/Texture/Pattern That Accentuates the Space

There is nothing wrong with a neutral colour palette for your kitchen if that is what you incline towards. Similarly, incorporating a splash of beautiful texture, pattern or colour into your neutral landscape choice won’t harm you! Don’t be afraid to go bold and experiment with different hues of colours. Yellow and grey is one great combination to try out if you want to blend your urban-styled theme with a bright colour.

We suggest incorporating colour on replaceable products in case you are not fascinated by them in the future. These may include unique island barstools that stand apart or paint colour on one wall.

4. Add a Personal Touch with a Custom Tile

Customising designs and adding them to your dining space is an excellent way to tie your personal style with your interiors and make them unique. A custom tile is a way you can choose to go for. You can incorporate this personal piece in the form of a special pattern or colour. For example, a splash of a bold custom tile of your favourite design style in the middle of plain tiles can accentuate the space’s uniqueness.

5. Introduce Catchy Lights6. Explore Your Artistic Side

Love your lights – that’s what we have to say when it comes to decorating your kitchen space! Who said the kitchen needs boring white lights. The usual spot lights or ceiling lights are no doubt good if that’s what you like, but if you don't want to lean to the regular side, a decorative side lamp on the sideboard can uplift the aura of your kitchen. A lamp is something one usually imagines to be on the side table of a bedroom, and adding it to your
dining space might make you sceptical, but we believe the solid geometric structure can contribute to becoming a bold and striking factor to the otherwise simple features of your kitchen.

Another option to explore if you are not sold on a kitchen lamp is the futuristic-looking idea of floor lights added under your kitchen counter. This way, you can customise your space with your favourite lighting style and colour.

6. Explore Your Artistic Side

Making your kitchen practical is important as you are going to access every corner of it on a daily basis. But not adding any style to it is only going to make you not want to enter it in the long run. So, hanging your favourite art piece to add exciting elements to your kitchen space is a great way to make it look interesting. Plus, you can even hang up a painting you made – this way, you can showcase your talent and add a personality to your kitchen!

What Else to Take Care Of?

Apart from the above six excellent kitchen interior design ideas that can accentuate your space and make it more desirable, you can incorporate local materials in it. This way, you can connect with your local community and even elevate the design of the space to make it appear unique! Moreover, you can use your kitchen's seating arrangement to reflect your personal style and use any unused space. A banquet is great as it serves as a gathering place
for your intimate gathering or also serves as an ideal breakfast space.

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