Transform Your Home Into A 5-Star Hotel Room

Make your home like a 5-star hotel

Have you ever been to a 5-star hotel and enjoyed the pampering and room service, and of course, the amazing room interiors? How would you like it if your home would look like a 5-star hotel, but without breaking your bank? The fluffy comfortable bed, the beautiful flooring and walls, the mirrors and of course, the centre or side table that’s always there. These elements make up for a comfortable room, and here is how you can replicate this look in your home while on a budget!

Concentrate On Lighting

The first thing that can change the entire look of a space is the lighting. There is a concept known as ‘mood lighting’ that has different colours of light that can be changed as per your mood. Pink, blue, golden, white, and dim orange are some commonly opted for lighting colours. You can also get disco lights for times when you are hosting people over for a party and can really replicate the ambience of a pub or a party area. You can also get chandeliers that are easy to clean. These can add a great rustic and opulent aesthetic to the space. You can further enhance the efficacy of these chandeliers by using energy efficient bulbs to keep your light bills under control. However, the mother of all lights is of course the natural sunlight, so ensure your rooms are naturally well lit. Floor to ceiling French windows are one of the best ways to bring in natural light into your space.

Use Spaces Optimally

Empty spaces around the house can be a great channel for you to display your creativity. Ensure that your flooring is sturdy and can handle little to heavy foot traffic. You definitely do not want flooring that cracks, chips or becomes a reason for mishaps around the house. Different types of floor tiles are available in the market that can provide you with durability, longevity, designs, patterns, value for money and so much more. Whether you like marble design or an endless vein pattern, whether you like simple and plain design or bold floral and geometric patterns, you can have it all thanks to the different kinds of tiles available.

Get Cheap Garden Furniture

If you have a garden or a backyard that you can put to use, then this is the best time to invest in affordable garden furniture – you don’t necessarily have to spend a bomb. You can get plastic, steel or even rattan chairs and lounges in various furniture shops. Keep an eye out for offers that may be running in online and offline stores as well. One great way to reduce the amount you spend on garden furniture is to not buy complete sets. Mix and match single pieces to create an eclectic but cohesive space. You can tie together different pieces of furniture by investing in tie up cushions in the same or contrasting colours and patterns.

Create A Positive Environment

You can transition and convert a house into a home by infusing positive and calming vibes into the space. Add a bookshelf in a cosy nook of the house where you can relax and rejuvenate with a book and a mug of steaming hot chai. Place some potpourri or a mild incense stick to add mild fragrance to the space. These little additions can really help elevate the mood of the space and help you create a positive environment without having to empty your wallet.

Choose The Right Mix Of Textures

The right play with textures is very important to give your space a clean, polished, and 5-star style. Most of the luxurious 5-star rooms have a lot of different textures going on with the heavy drapes, fluffy cushions, sleek sofas and a very cosy satin duvet or a comforter. This gives the room a very colourful mix of pattern, textures, and designs. To recreate this look you do not need to reupholster your furniture or invest in expensive bedding. Even the addition of a simple throw blanket on the sofa or the addition of brightly embroidered throw pillows on the bed can make a great difference to the space.

Get Indoor Plants And Antiques

Plants are a great way to decorate and create an aesthetic space as per your choice and taste. You can experiment with sizes and colours with different kinds of planters. Choose plants that are easy to maintain and don’t require much outdoor exposure so that they can sustain staying indoors.

Hang Curtains High And Dry

The alternative to not having a French window (which makes a room look bigger) is to have floor to ceiling curtains that give the space an illusion of grandeur and high ceilings. You can opt for dual curtains that add texture and more fabric – making the space look luxurious and exude a loud ‘5-star hotel’ vibe. If you have the budget for it, you can opt for satin curtains with pearl tie-ups to add a luxe feel to the space. A 5-star hotel room-like space in your home can increase your home value. The area can add a cosy touch to your home and create an aesthetic that not only oozes opulence, but also comfort. But, in doing so, ensure you do not go over budget. Set a budget and work around it – you do not need to make grand gestures, it is the little things that can have the greatest impact!

Special Note:

So these were the best ways to save money on a tight home renovation budget. Saving money while renovating your home might seem like a challenging task, but it can be easily done when you keep these tips in your mind. So get started and give your home a new makeover today!

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