Bespoke Basement Conversion London

Greenlife Contractors is a leading residential bespoke basement conversion company. We manage the complete construction process seamlessly, spanning the Pre-Construction, Construction and Post-Construction phases of a project.

Our main services include Architecture and Construction, Project Feasibility, Cost Analysis and Project Management.

We offer a bespoke basement conversion service based around your vision, seamlessly blending considerations of practicality and aesthetics to help you create your ideal living space.

Tailor-made for you

We are London’s leading bespoke basement conversion specialists based in Parsons Green, London, we have created underground spaces that are increasingly sophisticated to meet clients’ briefs.

From underground swimming pools and home gyms to basement offices, walk-in wine cellars and state-of-the-art media rooms, we’ve built our reputation on giving customers their dream bespoke basement conversion, exactly as they want.


    Studio 1, South Park Studios,

    88 Peterborough Road,

    SW6 3HH

    Company registration number: 0737622

    We co-ordinate all aspects of the project, including the design, planning permission, party wall notices and the building works. We ensure all relevant certificates are obtained and, upon completion, we provide you with a guarantee for the work.

    We are a multi-disciplinary dynamic team:

    • Architectural designers

    • Interior design consultants

    • Builders, Surveyors

    • Structural Engineers

    • Project Managers

    Your project Concept to Completion

    • Architectural Drawings

    • Planning applications

    • Building Control

    • Project cost estimation

    • Detailed architectural CAD / 3D designs

    Why Choose Us?

    How the Green Life Contractors Team work

    First step – Planning & Design 

    An initial consultation

    We’ll come to your home or you can drop into our office at (Studio 1, South Park Studios, 88 Peterborough Road, SW6 3HH). This initial meeting will allow us to understand your goal, listen to your requirements and design the space you want. Our team will then assess your property and discuss your needs briefly and the practicalities of the project. Within 14 days of this initial consultation we will provide a detailed proposal with an estimated budget.

    Design and schematics

    This is where your ideas start taking shape. The architectural designs and schematics will give you an accurate picture of how your basement will look. When you’re happy with the plans and have approved the budget, we can apply for the necessary permissions.

    These are important documents for you. We will always appreciate that this is your home and endeavour to minimise the impact the construction has on your life. Our schedule of works gives you detailed and itemised list and costings of key features of your project. We then produce an accurate timetable of what to expect and when that will enable you to accurately monitor progress. Finally we will estimate the amount of each valuation and give you predictions of when these are to fall due.

    Planning and structural designs

    Our team of Project managers and builders will manage this whole process. Structural designs and calculations are drawn up to create a practical blueprint for your new living space and planning consents obtained so the construction can begin. This is the point your ideas take shape. Greenlife Contractors provides the structural designs and calculations to create a practical blueprint for your new living space. When these detailed designs have been approved the job of construction can begin.

    Planned time frames

    Our schedule of works gives a detailed and itemised list plus costings for key features and phases. Successful project management is all about communication. Green Life is a tight knit and efficient team and while we’re in your home we make sure that you are kept up to date and happy with our progress. Efficient communication avoids problems and delays and is the best way to keep to budget and schedule.

    Second Step – Construction

    On site management

    The Greenlife Contractors team has skills and experience that general builders don’t, because of our specialist nature of work. As such, it is common for us to undertake all the works for you, both above and below ground such as kitchen extensions / side returns and even whole house refurbishment. However, if you have a current team we are pleased to undertake only the specialist groundworks if you wish.

    In the creation of basements, we, as a company have skills and experience that general builders don’t!

    Specialist groundworks

    We will include all excavation and removal of spoil, reinforced concrete and steel works, together with all temporary and permanent propping works, followed by the waterproofing and drainage that are so critical.

    Third Step – Fit-out

    Attention to detail 

    The final touches make a house a home and allow you to reflect your personality in the space you live in. Greenlife Contractors has the expertise to design the interior you need with the inventive design flair to make it unique. Should you desire a tiled wet room with under floor heating or the luxury of finest wood, talk to Greenlife Contractors. Lighting creates a mood, reflects your style and highlights what’s important to you in your living space. Bespoke furniture, custom built, fits perfectly to make the room your own.

    Uniquely yours

    Allow our experience in quality fit-out to give you the very best in style that you will enjoy for years to come, distinguishing your home from others.


    From a tiled wet room with underfloor heating to the luxury of finest wood, Advantage know that a great room starts from the floor up.


    Possibly the most important aspect in room design. Good lighting creates a mood, reflects your style and highlights what’s important to you in your living space.


    We can create bespoke furniture and fit it to your design to make your room your own.

    Allow our experience in quality fit-out to give you the very best in style that you will enjoy for years to come and separate your house from others.

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    Health and Safety information sheet on Greenlife Contractors

    Health and Safety at every stage

    Health & Safety is of the utmost importance on every site on which we work. This is something that concerns all of our staff members, but also everyone else in the vicinity of the works, including you, your neighbours and even passers-by. Due to the nature of our work, there is always the risk of injury, or even death, as ladders, tools and various materials can be hazardous. That is why our staff are expertly trained and will always diligently adhere to all necessary Health & Safety procedures and issues.

    British Standard 8102:2022

    British Standard 8102:2022 is the Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground. In essence, it is the primary design guide for structural waterproofing and groundworks in the UK, with a recent update having been released in March 2022. This document should cover every consideration relating to waterproofing design.. If you have further questions in regard to BS 8102:2022, please feel free to contact us.


    As a Basement Conversion Extension Specialists, Greenlife Contractors has had huge success over the years in waterproofing with Delta Membrane Systems and pumps. For basement waterproofing, the Delta sealed system ensures that all membranes are expertly sealed and secured, as well as any protrusions or crevices. Delta Systems are incredibly effective in dealing with adverse water conditions, especially in basements that have a propensity to flood. There is a 30-year guarantee on all Delta membrane systems

    Federation of Master Builders Insurance provider on Greenlife Contractors

    Insurance and Guarantees

    With numerous of basement conversion projects completed in London to date, Green Life Contractors has an outstanding reputation for being conversion specialists, dedicated to creating state of the art spaces, with immaculate attention to detail.

    Public Liability: £5,000,000
    Employer’s Liability: £10,000,000
    Contractors, All Risks: £6,000,000 Contract Limit / Subject to Survey